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Most of you might be looking for offshore oil rig jobs. If you have worked in food prep, electrical, mechanical repair, painting, scaffolding, mariner positions, or welding…then you will already have any kind of experience that will qualify you for an oil rig job with bigger salaries, and especially true when you are looking for an offshore position.

oil rig jobs roustabout

oil rig roustabout jobs

roustabout oil rig jobs

Roustabouts are accountable for material handling with cranes, keeping the deck tidy, and generally helping to the Roughnecks where needed. These positions will be considered the internship oil rig jobs.

Once a person has landed a job on an oil rig as a Roustabout, it is not unheard of to grow into the Roughneck crew member for less than 1 year.

A Concise List of Major Offshore Drilling Rig Companies (alphabetically ordered, D. is for Drilling).

The largest oil drilling field in North America is the Alaska's North Slope Operations, generationg about 3% of all the consumed in America oil.
Rig Electrician
The Oil Rig Job Vacancies are mainly for roughneck and roustabout jobs. The Oil Rig Job pays are actually for 6 months work - the rest of the time is in on-shore breaks. And the entry level salaries start from around $45,000.
hiring this month.
There are many oilfield operators who will employ roustabouts. It really depends on whether you want to work offshore or onshore, but since you cited Transocean, I will guess that you are looking for an offshore position.
can anybody give me a list of companies who employ roustabouts, up to now,, all i know of is transocean
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Roughnecks & roustabouts are smart, professional, strong, committed, resourceful, resilient, innovative, collaborative, high performing and responsible.
Roughneck's role is why an oil rig is there in the first place.
The roustabout helps with the drilling activities and maintenance of the drilling area
Immediate opportunities for new oil rig jobs at companies like Shell or Exxon

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